Advance Excel

Enhance your skills with applied spreadsheet, calculation, graphing, pivot tables, and a macro-programming or Visual Basic for Applications language by taking an advanced Excel course from Annex Education in Dubai. For all types of professionals wishing to boost their quality productivity with advanced functions, calculations, graphing tools, pivot tables, formulae, VBA, and data processing, an advanced excel course is available.

Learn Advance Microsoft Excel course and get complete tips and tricks; enhance your skills with applied spreadsheet, calculation, graphing tools, pivot tables, a macro-programming for Applications language and Analyze data with advanced formulas, including logical operators, lookups, date/time functions, and more. Annex Education provide Job oriented advanced excel training in Dubai and Abu Dhabi from industry experienced trainers.

Course Objectives

  • Capable to solve complex problems in Excel
  • Expert in Microsoft Excel from Beginner to Advanced
  • Understand the most common Excel functions used in the Office
  • Master the essential Excel formulas and features to Boost your career
  • In this course, you'll quickly become comfortable using the entire
    Excel dashboard including its tabs, ribbon and tools.
  • It'll also walk you through how to create professional charts and graphs to visualize your data,
    and you'll create pivot tables for lightning-fast calculations.
  • Concentrating on Data Visualization strategies that will make you stand out
    Learn how to use Excel more EFFICIENTLY to save time and eliminate stress at work!
  • You will learn from us how to use Excel with CONFIDENCE, which will open up more prospects for you,
    including higher salaries and promotions!
  • Possess confidence and advanced Excel skills
  • Capable of using Excel to Acquire new skills and formulas to complete Excel jobs more quickly and effectively

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Programme Outcomes

After completing the training, the applicats will be capable of:

The advanced Excel training course provided by Annex Education has a lot to offer, and it's exactly what you need to improve your abilities and advance your profession. Make sure you enroll straight away if this is what you are interested in.

Course Outline

Course Duration

Course Duration is 40 Hours, which can be completed by 20 Days. FastTrack course also available.