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Best IELTS Coaching & Training Center Dubai, Sharjah

Annex Education offers IELTS Preparation courses and are targeted to students wishing to improve their IELTS scores. Being one of the best IELTS Training Center In Dubai, we have precise study materials suited for both online and classroom learning and to help you secure the highest IELTS scores. Our IELTS Coaching In Sharjah and the tutorials themselves are ‘paced’ according to the convenience of our students so they can learn and practise English vocabulary and skills.

The IELTS Coaching In Sharjah is meant for applicants to work in and migrate to Canada, UK, New Zealand and Australia. IELTS training is an International English Language Testing system designed to assess the English language proficiency of the applicants and to test how well they can communicate in the language through speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Once you complete IELTS training and obtain the certification from the best IELTS Training Center In Dubai, you can get accepted in your university of choice, other professional bodies, government agencies, immigration authorities and other places of employment.

Through Annex Education, you can enjoy learning under dedicated IELTS trainers and through online and interactive sessions the students can improve their course and master the language. Be exam ready under our training and realise your dreams by securing the best IELTS scores ever.

Through IELTS training, you will study these and more as part of the course:

  • Accuracy in English grammar and grammatical structures
  • Communication skills and ability
  • Vocabulary extension
  • Functional Structures
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Active study skills

The courses are designed for nurses, doctors, other healthcare professionals and also for students planning to go abroad for various jobs and professions. Through Annex, you will be able to secure world class coaching material and these will be taught by experienced faculty who have a proven track record of success. You can adjust the learning as per your busy schedule. And since we offer both online and offline classes, you can opt for the one that suits you best. Additionally, we will prepare you for the exam and also provide assistance with test slot booking.

You will benefit from choosing Annex as your learning partner for IELTS. We have configured the course timings according to your convenience, making us the best IELTS Training Center In Dubai. You will be able to secure the highest scores for the exam and make your dream of going abroad for study or work come true.

IELTS - the International English Language Testing system - is designed to assess the English language proficiency of the test takers who want to study or work where English is the language of communication. IELTS is recognized and accepted by over 10,000 organization worldwide, including universities, employers, professional bodies, immigration authorities and other government agencies.

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Test Format

Ther are three modules to choose from – Academic, General Training and IELTS UKVI Training.

IELTS Academic

IELTS Academic is for test takers wishing to study at undergraduate or postgraduate levels, and for those seeking professional registration.

IELTS General

IELTS General Training is for test takers wishing to migrate to an English-speaking country (the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand), and for those wishing to train or study at below degree level.


If you are applying for a UK visa, you need to take an IELTS test approved for UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI) purposes known as IELTS for UKVI. This applies to everyone coming from a non-English speaking country.

‘There is no change in the content, format or level of difficulty and scoring, IELTS for UKVI simply follows certain extra security protocols to ensure the authenticity of the test taker. Also, your Test Report Form (TRF) may look slightly different from the one give for IELTS Academic or General Training”.

The Four components of the IELTS Test


Timing - Approximately 30 minutes (plus 10 minutes - transfer time- paper based)

Questions - There are 40 questions. A variety of question types are used, chosen from the following: multiple choice, Matching, Plan/Map/Diagram Labelling, from completion, note completion, table completion, flow-chart completion, summary completion, sentence completion, short-answer questions


Timing - 60 minutes (plus 10 minutes - transfer time- paper based)

Questions - There are 40 questions. A variety of question types are used, chosen from the following: Multiple Choice, identifying information True / False / Not Given, Identifying a writer’s View/Claims, Yes / No / Not Given, Matching information, Matching heading, Matching Features, Matching Sentence Ending, Sentence Completion, Summary Completion, Note Completion, Table Completion, Flow-Chart Completion, Diagram Completion, Short-Answer Question. There are 3 Sections / passages. Academic Reading General Training Reading


Timing - 60 minutes

There are two tasks You are required to write at least 150 words for Task 1 and at least 250 words for Task 2. There are 2 parts

Academic writing
Task 1 you are presented with a visual information and are asked to describe, summarise or explain the information
Task 2
You are asked to write an essay in response to a point of view, argument or problem.

General Training writing
Task 1
You are presented with a situation and are asked to write a letter requesting information or explaining the situation
Task 2
You are asked to write an essay in response to a point of view, argument or problem especially topics are of general interest.


Timing - 11-14 minutes

There are 3 Parts

Part 1 Introduction and interview (4-5 minutes)
The examiner introduces him/herself and asks you introduce yourself and confirm your identity. The examiner asks you general questions on familiar topics: home, family, work, studies and interests and so on.

Part 2 Individual long turn/ cue card (3-4 minutes)
The Examiner gives you a task card which asks you to talk about a particular topic and which includes points you can cover in your talk. You are given 1 minute to prepare you talk, and are given a pencil and a piece of paper to make notes. You talk for 1-2 minutes on the topic. The examiner may then ask you one or two questions on the same topic.

Part 3 Two-Way discussion (4-5 minutes)
The examiner asks further questions which are connected to the topic of Part 2. These questions give you an opportunity to discuss more abstract issues and ideas.

Marking. You are assessed on your performance throughout the test by Certificated IELTS examiners according to the IELTS Speaking test assessment criteria (Fluency and Coherence Lexical Resource).

Course Duration :

The duration of the course is for 40 hours and will be completed within a month. ANNEX Education is also offering fast track training as per the convenience of the student.

Why Annex Education

Annex Education is one of the authorized IELTS Education Center in Dubai with years of experience in helping candidates across the globe to crack the IELTS examination. Our training curriculum is outlined in such a way that the students can attain the required band score with a minimum number of hours invested. Our trainers, who are the best in the industry give keen attention for providing customized training sessions as per the needs of individual students to yield the best result. The interactive and informative sessions are awe-inspiring which will provide the best learning experience for our students.