Medical Coding Training & Certification Online in Sharjah

Medical Coding Training &
Certification Online in Sharjah

medical coding training in sharjah

Medical Coding Training & Certification Online in Sharjah

Medical Coding Training In Sharjah

Becoming a medical coder will advance your career greatly, and is a great and responsible profession and a way to advance your career, have a work-life balance and the best part, work from home. We provide self-paced and flexible Medical Coding training In Sharjah. That’s right! With a professional coding certification, you can work at your convenience, in your home, and earn a handsome salary. If you don’t mind learning medical jargon, have a keen ear and eye to understand medical procedures and treatments, then this is the perfect course for you.

About the Medical Coding Certification

Annex Education provides a comprehensive curriculum for those interested in acing the Medical Coding training In Sharjah, and becoming a professional coder with high success rates.

In the rapidly changing healthcare environment, the medical world needs trained professionals who can help manage the onslaught of changes and maintain compliance, while safeguarding profitability. By learning the various levels of coding provided by Annex Education you will be able to prepare yourself for Medical coding certification and learn how to proactively audit charts, reduce reimbursement errors and documentation mistakes, minimise incorrect coding and become an expert in documentation guidelines for all types of health services. If you don't have the time to come to our institute and learn, you can always choose the Medical Coding certification online and kickstart your career in this direction.

Objectives of our Medical Coding Training in Sharjah

Through our Medical Coding training In Sharjah, we aim to make your dream of becoming a professional coding expert come true. Our course is designed in such a way that you can learn the lessons at your convenience, and earn the certification. We have the course designed for beginners in medical coding, and then go on to cover the needs of the experienced coder. Through the medical coding course we aim to turn the act of health care procedures, equipment and medical services and medical diagnosis into a universal medical alphanumeric code. Knowing this code is necessary to correctly bill patients for medical procedures and tests, to document patient medical records, create claims that insurance companies have to pay and so on.

Learning Outcomes of medical coding certification Course

With medical coding certification, you will be qualified to take on one of the most rewarding career opportunities in the healthcare field. It is a very critical and important role because a lot of things depend on how well you code the medical jargon, procedures, tests, billing and every aspect of medical records coding.

The healthcare industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, and there will be a huge demand for professional medical coders. With the insistence of electronic health records in all healthcare facilities, and introduction of new technology tools, the accuracy and the efficiency of professional coders have increased several times fold. Learning Medical Coding Certification Online would be the ideal solution if you wish to supplement your present career with new options.

Who needs this certification course

You need to do a professional medical coding certification course if you are looking to become a medical coder. The primary purpose of medical coding is to ensure that the medical billing and insurance carriers pay and process the claims accurately. If you are interested in doing a medical coding course, then you must have a bachelor's degree or a master’s degree, preferably with a life sciences background. If you like to read and analyse medical records and can do it with a passion, then this course is for you.

About the training faculties

Our course is taught by qualified internationally certified faculty members and they are all medical professionals. They are trained to spot your weaknesses and strengths and will be able to guide you in the right direction, and help you through online video materials, classes and materials so you can learn at your convenience and master the concepts through this self-paced course. You can take certification at the end of the course exam.


Through the medical coding certification, the student will learn how to accurately translate medical terminology into standardised codes. This coding document will then be used for billing and insurance.

You can join the medical coding certification online or at our institute if you have a high school diploma or equivalent.

Going for medical coding training in Sharjah is a great career option because there is a huge demand for hardworking medical coders. Medical coding ensures the patients are correctly reimbursed and ensures the accuracy of the healthcare system.

A beginner can take the CBCS exam by joining our course for medical coding training in Sharjah because it will give you a broad range of essential foundational coding skills.

Yes, our medical coding instructors are very skilled and talented teachers who would teach the basics of coding in a simple and engaging manner.

You can join the course by Annex Education, and be consistent in attending the classes and read the study materials thoroughly. We will also give you coding projects and knowledge of tools that will make coding easier for you. It is also possible to join the medical coding certification online.

Here are the different phases of medical coding:

  • Abstracting the documentation for extracting the relevant information
  • Querying for getting clarification for anything that is not clear
  • Coding the diagnosis
  • Coding the procedure
  • Confirming medical necessity

The two types of medical coding are ICD-10-CM (International Classification of Diseases, 10th Revision, Clinical Modification) for coding diseases, injuries and other health conditions and CPT (Current Procedural Terminology)