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What is Medical coding?

Our Medical Coding – AAPC CPC courses will teach you the fundamentals of medical coding, prepare you for certification, and help you establish yourself in the Health care industry. Annex Medical Coding certification programs include many coding subspecialties — all of which are rated #1 among medical coding Education. And the best part is, you can launch your career as a certified professional coder in just 2 months!

The Certified Professional Coder (CPC) credential demonstrates expertise in coding medical services and procedures performed by physicians. This includes coding patient symptoms and diagnoses, as well as diagnostic tests.

About the Medical Coding Course

The Medical Coding Course Dubai conducted by the Annex Education will give you formal education in the field of medical coding. It will start with entry level classes on medical coding, starting from the fundamentals of coding to advanced level classes. Through this course, students will understand healthcare diagnosis, medical services and procedures and learn to convert them into universal medical alphanumeric codes. They will be taught the medical record documentation, understand and transcribe physician's notes, laboratory notes, radiology results etc. The course is planned on a flexible schedule with video learning and plenty of practice sessions so the students will be able to grasp their lessons easily, and even learn at their own pace.

The medical coding course has a lot of practical uses in the healthcare industry. It helps in accurate medical billing and the insurance providers can pay and process claims correctly. It is also a very valuable system where future students can use it for doing research, do medical record keeping and so on.

Why we’re Different

When you choose to learn from the experts at Annex, you are learning at the best institute for medical coding courses. Certified and experienced healthcare professionals teach the Medical Coding Course Dubai program, and they explain the fundamentals of coding and cover the entire levels of the course in a systematic, easy to understand, comprehensible manner. The training includes academic and clinical education in inpatient and outpatient coding, familiarising the medical jargon and terms, healthcare procedures, diagnosis and other important steps in medical care. We offer superior classroom and online education in the following as well: health record content, medical terminology, anatomy and physiology and disease process, treatments, medical supplies and implants.

Once you complete the Medical Coding Course Dubai successfully, we provide certification that will definitely help you get your dream job. Additionally, we offer 100% job training, so you will be ready for the job once you complete your course. Ours is an AAPC exclusive curriculum that comes inclusive of a number of mock-tests. This means that apart from coding, the AAPC standards are taught and the code of ethics as well, including: Integrity, Respect, Commitment, Competence, Fairness and Responsibility. Once the course is completed, you will become a professional coder within a few months, and you will be qualified to work in various healthcare facilities.

Why Choose a Career as a Medical Coder?

Medical coding is a highly demanded job in a rapidly expanding healthcare industry. Apart from possessing a flexible work environment, the job demands certain skills like critical thinking and problem-solving. The job market is also growing and is expected to grow 9% from 2020 to 2030, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). So if you learn medical coding, you will become a professional coder in a hugely demanding healthcare industry. Apart from possessing a great career, you will get a competitive salary, and respect in the industry. Additionally, the work timings can be adjusted in such a way that you can enjoy a great work-life balance, including the advantage of working from home.

Key Features of Medical Coding Course in Dubai

  • 80 hours of Online / Physical Training - The course covers 80 hours of formal training before the candidate becomes fit to take up the medical coding examination.
  • Trainers are AAPC Certified Medical Doctors are Trainers - All our trainers are Doctors and CPC (AAPC) certified professional coders with several years of experience in higher education training.
  • Updated learning materials- We constantly update the course lessons to ensure the candidates get the latest edition study materials.
  • Flexible Training and Schedule - We have designed the course in such a way that the students can choose between online classes and offline courses.
  • Hands-on Training -We provide hands-on training to equip the students and familiarise them with the standards of medical coding.
  • Personal Attention- We focus on personalised attention and guidance so the candidates can grasp the concepts at their own pace.
  • Get Certified Quickly- Through all encompassing learning and exam completion, you will be a certified, professional medical coder in two months’ time.
  • 100% Training Satisfaction Guaranteed- Our focus is on providing top-quality training that will make you an expert in medical coding.

Learn Medical Coding in Dubai and Earn a Dream Job in the Healthcare Industry

  • Learn the fundamentals and complete levels of coding
  • Pursue knowledge from Certified and Experienced healthcare professionals
  • Understand & learn healthcare diagnosis, procedures, medical services, etc
  • Superior classroom and Online education
  • 100% Job-Oriented Training & Certification
  • AAPC exclusive curriculum including multitudes of Mock-test

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Course Outline:

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Course Duration:

Medical Coding Course is around 80 hours training including the mock tests, Exam Preparation, Group discussion, Revising previous years question papers. Classes are available on weekdays or weekend as per your availability

Why Annex?

Annex Education focuses on the comfort and time availability of the candidates so they can learn the course at their own convenience, and work the course timings around their own schedule. So ours is a self-paced course and the lessons are planned in such a way that you will find them easy to grasp and learn. We have expert CPC certified medical doctors and AAPC certified professional coders as our trainers, and they are always available to clear your doubts. We have adapted the course structure in such a way that you can enjoy hands-on practice of real world coding, redacted medical records using CPT®, ICD-10-CM and HCPCS Level II code sets, etc. We have paced it correctly for you that we can proudly produce a 100% pass guarantee.

Our course is much more economically priced as well, so you don't have to worry about the pricing factor at all.

Reach out to us to know more about the medical coding course. Hundreds of students have undertaken our coding certification, and have been successfully placed in various healthcare facilities. Our classes, both online and offline sessions are planned with you in mind, so you can learn at your pace. Learn the basics and advanced levels of coding with us, the best Medical Coding Training centre in Dubai.


It is the process of assigning standardised codes to medical procedures, medications and services provided by medical professionals as part of outpatient or inpatient treatment.

You can join Annex Education if you want to become a certified medical coder in UAE. We offer a Medical coding course Dubai with effective learning materials and comfortable learning times.

You will find both ICD codes and CPT codes in the medical billing system, and you will be trained in both these at our courses. These codes represent services rendered by the medical professionals and the patient diagnoses. Join Annex, the best medical coding institute in Dubai to know more about this.

There is no age limit to become a medical coder. You can join our Medical coding course Dubai at any time.

The Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) code is the uniform language used in coding, and is understood by both doctors and other medical professionals all over the world.

You can join Annex Education, as we are the best medical coding institute in Dubai.

The hospitals use universal medical alphanumeric codes to communicate the medical records and to store them.

Medical coding is a process by which a patient’s medical condition and health information are taken from the physician’s notes and converted to codes to be recorded in the system. This would contain information on the medical procedures, diagnoses, medical services and medical equipment