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MS Office Course In Dubai

MS Office Course in Dubai is important if you want to progress in your career, because MS Office is practically used everywhere. If you have not yet mastered MS Office, then it is time you enrolled for a course and learnt the three main MS Office products - Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Excel. Once you complete the MS Office course, you will be able to work either as a full-time employee or independently as a freelancer, or start your own business venture. The best thing about the course is that you can work for practically any industry if you mastered MS Office. Through the MS Office Course in Dubai taught at Annex, you will learn all about Microsoft Office, from beginner to expert level. You will learn to create professional presentations, professional and advanced formatting and layouts, learn Microsoft Excel from the Beginner to Expert, learn Logical Functions, Mathematical functions, LookUp Functions and more.

It is imperative that you study in one of the best institutes in the world when you want to look your professional best in your work. Whether it is a self explanatory, visually appealing spreadsheet or a jaw-dropping brochure to highlight your company’s products, appeal and strengths, you need Microsoft Office to do all that and more. Even if you are aware of the basic features of MS Office, you need professional guidance to understand the complex and advanced features. It also gives you the flexibility to explore your creativity and this can be done only under the guidance of expert trainers who can explain all the nuances of MS Office in a simple and easy to understand manner. This will be taught through online and offline classes at MS Office Training In Sharjah.

Whether you run your own business, or are a fresher about to start your own career in any field, knowledge and proficiency of MS Office will guarantee a job when you can prove your skill procured from a recognised institute. You can have industry-level working knowledge of MS Office when you learn at Annex’s MS Office Training In Sharjah. So practically, everyone needs to learn this course, not just to show that you know the course, but that you have expert level working knowledge, because it is quite easy to have rudimentary and fundamental knowledge of MS Office, but to know the tools in its depth, is definitely a skill to have.

When you are an expert at MS Office Course in Dubai, you have so many responsibilities and duties to perform. You have to provide data entry support, prepare communication reports, presentations, spreadsheets etc to your partners and bosses. Operate Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint in all its nuances, oversee the clerical functions of the office and so on. The Microsoft Office Specialist performs other essential daily duties using the office suite for internal correspondence, communicating with stakeholders and they plan an integral role in almost every industry, government and non-government organisation, non-profit organisations, educational institutions, healthcare sector, travel and tourism and so on. Everywhere there is a computer, you will find the need for a skilled MS Office specialist behind it.

As part of the MS Office Course in Dubai, we will cover everything from beginner level to advanced level training, so you will cover everything from Introduction to Word,Introduction Powerpoint,Introduction to Excel for beginners and then move on to in-depth learning Microsoft Certification in MS Office in complete depth, with the latest trends in the technology, the usage, that will increase your proficiency in all the three, so there will be an expert level training conducted by professional experts.

At the end of the course, you will be able to prepare great presentations with visually appealing carts, 3D models, transitions and animations.

Once the course is completed, you can work as:

  • Freshers and entry-level job applicants
  • University Students
  • HR Professionals
  • Accountants
  • System Administrators
  • Financial Analysts
  • Business Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Assistant Managers
  • Advanced Excel Users
  • Developers
  • Advanced MS Office Users
  • IT Managers
  • Data Analysts

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Learn the essential and advanced Microsoft Office Skills in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, With Complete practical Level from Expert Trainers.

MS Office Expert – Intermediate Level Course

Course Duration

Course Duration is 40 Hours, which can be completed by 20 Days. Fast track Training for MS Office Course also available

Microsoft Excel - Advance Level

Learn Advance Microsoft Excel course and get complete tips and tricks; enhance your skills with applied spreadsheet, calculation, graphing tools, pivot tables, a macro-programming for Applications language and Analyze data with advanced formulas, including logical operators, lookups, date/time functions, and more. Annex Education provide Job oriented advanced excel training in Dubai and Abu Dhabi from industry experienced trainers.

Course Outline

Course Duration

Course Duration is 40 Hours, which can be completed by 20 Days. FastTrack course also available.


It would depend on the course that you are enrolling. You can complete a course in 6-12 months time

Yes, it is a certification course and you can apply and secure a job once you complete the course and become an expert in MS Office.

We offer the complete package of MS Office course in Dubai consisting of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Poperpoint and Microsoft Excel.

Knowledge of MS Office is not just an added advantage, but a necessity when you apply for jobs because everything is done on computers these days. Enrol for our MS office training in Sharjah to become an expert.

The basics of MS Office course in Dubai covers the entire Office applications including Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint, and Windows PCs.

Learning the MS Office course in Dubai will make you self reliant and capable while managing the official documents in Windows systems and Microsoft Office. You will be able to secure a basic to advanced level training when you join our course.

We teach the basics of MS Office and how to apply them in every day job requirements.

We teach basic to advanced level MS office training in Sharjah through both online and offline courses. Our teachers would provide practical learning and theoretical learning and train them to become successful in everyday jobs.

MS Office is an important aspect in any job that you apply for. You can utilise MS Office and enjoy more:

Productivity - Knowledge of MS Office can improve productivity because it helps the person to write, edit and manage different kinds of documents.

Collaboration - You can share documents in real time through collaboration and online meetings.

Security - Knowledge of MS Office would help protect sensitive data through encryption.

Accessibility - Since it can be accessed by anyone, including people with disabilities.

Microsoft 365, a cloud based service - This is becoming increasingly popular in businesses because it is a cloud-based service.