Blog - Time Management: An Essential Step to Success in IELTS

Time Management: An Essential Step to Success in IELTS


Time Management: An Essential Step to Success in IELTS

IELTS or International English Language Testing System is the world’s most popular English language proficiency test that is conducted to facilitate global migration. The test has four parts. They are reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The first three parts are conducted in a single day and it lasts for 2 hours and 30 minutes. The speaking part is a 15-minute session that is conducted on another day.
It is a timed test that sticks stringently to this time frame. It is also perceived as a test of endurance because of the continuous tasks at hand. Thus time management is essential to complete all the tasks provided. Since this is a standardized test it is possible to come out with flying colors with enough practice.

Time Management in IELTS: Tips to Success
1. Tips to Practice

• Take Mock Tests: Find a space without distractions. Set a timer to replicate the timing of the real test. Remember the saying “The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle”.
• Use Official Practice Tests: IELTS practice tests from authorized sources offer questions that are close to those offered in the real test. Getting these will ensure an authentic testing experience.
• Develop a Pace: To complete the test in the stipulated time it is necessary to develop a pace for reading, writing, and note-taking. It is better to break it down into smaller units. Practice is the only solution.
• Practice Skimming and Scanning: This is a tested technique suggested by institutes for IELTS coaching in Sharjah. Skimming the passages for general ideas and scanning them for specific details to answer passage-based questions will help to save time.
• Note-taking: Listening will tremendously benefit from note-making practices. Getting a knack for precis writing will help to jot down notes in between listening. • Work on Weakness: Strengthening your weak areas such as speaking or listening will help to save some time.

2. Tips for Pressure Handling

Even with assistance from the best IELTS training center in Dubai, you may face difficulties in handling the pressure. An unsettled mind takes away focus and slows you down. This makes pressure handling a component of time management strategies.

• Practice Well: Preparing well will take away half of the anxieties.
• Reach Early: Reaching the exam venue way before time will give you some time to settle down and relax.
• Don’t be disappointed with setbacks: Setbacks may happen. However, you can’t predict the results. So leave and focus on the next task.

3. Bottom-line

Practice with exam-like environments, timings, and questions is the key to managing time in IELTS. Knowing the exact exam pattern and practicing accordingly will increase your speed. It is like riding a motorcycle along a familiar track. You know where the speed breakers are and where you can give the full throttle. Developing a pace, building on your weaknesses, and practicing tips such as skimming and handling your mind and body for endurance are the other ways to ace the IELTS examination.

Preparing for IELTS on your own is a good decision. However, getting assistance from a professional who can give proper guidance and feedback might save some time and failed attempts.

Finding the best IELTS coaching in Sharjah or Dubai might appear to be a tricky task. Because there are many options. However, the satisfied clients of Annex Education may disagree. With experience, we possess the knowledge to guide you on the right track. Our expert mentors who offer individual attention also guarantees that you come out with flying colors.